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We exist to help individuals and families serve God, love our neighbors, and serve our community while living an abundant life by finding balance, substance, and laughter as God intended.

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I Speak Life Christian Talk Show

Founded on Revelation 12: 11, I Speak Life Christian Talk Show is a way for believers to share their conversion stories with non-believers in a safe and judgement free space. Principle Life Coach, Vincent Erick started the Christian Talk Show during quarantine. I Speak Life provided an outlet for believers to share the fibers of their faith for the public to hear. 

Revelation 12:11 talks about overcoming not only through the blood of the lamb, but also by the words of their testimony. As the young adult generation, we are now learning to be on our own and make decisions. It's our generation's time to start speaking life in every situation. It's time to stand for truth, learn how to stand against opposition an be changers for Christ. 

This is a platform on which I Speak Life the Christian Talk Show was created. 

In an effort to give the younger demographic a voice to look up to, I Speak Life is a talk show that regularly discusses popular topics for an audience of young christian adults. Topics on the show include church denominations, tattoos, gay rights, free education, prayer, worship, and guest speakers for in-studio and virtual interviews. 


I Speak Life Book

Deep inside of you lie all the answers to the questions you might have concerning yourself. This book is a easy to read practical guide filled with pertinent information that will help you reach a higher level of success. Inspirational stories, quotes and self discovery exercises will empower you to look within to claim a life filled with meaning, purpose, power, and peace as God intended.